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Business Creativity and the Creative Economy

Volume 3  (2017)

ISSNs: Print 2374-1414; Online 2374-1422


Leading for Innovation: Exercising Influence by Setting and Adapting Constraints
Michael D. Mumford, Erin Michelle Todd, & Cordy Higgs

Creativity is Just a Small Emerging Moment: An Ethnographic Investigation of Work Practices in a Changing Human Resources Department
Panu Forsman

The Social Side of Innovative Work Behavior: Determinants of Social Interaction during Organizational Innovation Processes
Dominik E. Froehlich, & Gerhard Messmann

Emotion and Managerial Experience Influence Prototype Elicitation in Operations and Management Fields
Xubao Qin, Xue Chen, Cody Ding, Hua Zhang, Qingling Zhang, & Don Yang

Leveraging Entrepreneurial Alertness by Optimizing the Imaginative Capacity of Agri-rural Entrepreneurs
Chaoyun Liang, Cha-Tung Liang, & Yu-Chen Liu

Developing an Innovative Organization with a Focus on Innate Versus Learned Perspective
Paul M. Arsenault & Peter Oehlers

Moments to Despair in the Co-Creative Process
Stephan Sonnenburg & Lena Marz

Which Aspects Frame Professional Agency and Creativity in Information Technology Work?
Kaija Collin, Sanna Herranen, & Elina Riivari

The Spatial Patterns of Creativity in the U.S. Metropolitan Areas
Seungil Yum

Comparing the Working Climate of Firms in Two Countries
Mohamed Zain, Norizan Kassim, & Nasser Kadasah