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Business Creativity and the Creative Economy

Volume 2  (Fall 2016)


Business Creativity and the Creative Economy

Volume 2 (Fall 2016)

ISSNs: Print 2374-1414; Online 2374-1422


Employee Creative Idea Generation: The Interactive Effects of Idea Implementation, Attachment, and Psychological Safety
Greg R. Oldham & Nancy Da Silva

Managing R&D Employee Creative Performance with Symbolic Meanings of Money
Shu-pei Tsai

The Relationship Between Innovative Cognitive Style and Job Performance in For-Profit and Public Organizations
Izabela Szymanska, David C. Gilmore, & Bill Gentry

Creativity and Entrepreneurial Efforts in an Emerging Economy
Quan Hoang Vuong, Nancy K. Napier, Thu Hang Do & Thu Trang Vuong

Investigating the Differential Influence of Individual Traits and Manager Relationship on Two Stages of Employee Innovation
Lara D. Zibarras, Helen Judson, & Fiona Patterson

Imagining Rural Practice
Shu-Nung Yao, Li-Pei Peng, Jia-Ling Lee, & Chaoyun Liang

On the Originality-Effectiveness Duality of Creativity: Tensions Concerning the Components of Creativity
Carsten Deckert

Comparisons of the Creative Class and Regional Creativity with Perceptions of Community Support and Community Barriers
Mark A. Runco, Selcuk Acar, W. Keith Campbell, Garrett Jaeger, Jessica McCain, & Brittany Gentile

The Geographic Distribution of Creativity: An Analysis of Rural Districts
Cecilia Serrano-Martínez

Creativity, Involvement, and Leisure Time: The More, the Better
Romina Elisondo & Danilo Donolo