Vuong/Napier/Do/Vuong: DOI 10.18536/bcce.2016.

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Creativity and Entrepreneurial Efforts in an Emerging Economy

Quan Hoang Vuong
Université Libre de Bruxelles

Nancy K. Napier
Boise State University and Aalborg University

Thu Hang Do & Thu Trang Vuong
Vuong & Associates

Vuong, Q. H., Napier, N. K., Do, T. H., & Vuong, T. (2016). Creativity and entrepreneurial efforts in an emerging economy. Business Creativity and the Creative Economy, 2(1), 39-50. https://doi.org/10.18536/bcce.2016.


While much research has focused on entrepreneurship and creativity in developed economies, the notions of both topics are still embryonic in many emerging economies. This paper focuses on entrepreneurs in one such economy, Vietnam, to understand the perceptions of entrepreneurs about the role that innovation and creativity may play in their decisions to start entrepreneurial ventures. This is important because before reaping benefits from entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs need to decide when and on what conditions they start based on their calculations of required resources and predictions of likely outcomes. The research also sought to understand how “creativity,” broadly applied (“innovation” and “creative performance”), affects the ways that entrepreneurs think about and anticipate their own success and decisions. In essence, the study suggests that the higher the entrepreneur’s creativity is, the more likely she or he is to start a new business and believe success will result. Future research could examine whether history, industry and geographic location matter in entrepreneurs’ perceptions as well as whether transition/emerging economies like Vietnam may have different views altogether about the two key concepts.