DOI: 10.18536/jge.2018.

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Eminence and Genius in the Real-World: Seven Critical Skills that Make Possible Eminent Achievement

Michael D. Mumford, E. Michelle Todd, and Cory A. Higgs
The University of Oklahoma

Mumford, M. D., Todd, E. M., & Higgs, C. A. (2018). Eminence and genius in the real-world: Seven critical skills that make possible eminent achievement. Journal of Genius and Eminence, 3(1), 13-25. http://dx.doi.org/10.18536/jge.2018.

Genius and eminence has traditionally been understood in terms of basic abilities such as intelligence and creative thinking. Although we do not dispute the importance of basic abilities, we argue that eminent achievement in real-world settings also depends on the skills people acquire with experience. In the present effort, seven skills which appear critical to real-world eminent achievement are identified: 1) problem finding, 2) causal analysis, 3) constraint analysis, 4) forecasting, 5) elaboration, 6) compensation, and 7) wisdom. The findings obtained in various quantitative studies, along with the evidence drawn from the careers of those who have made eminent achievements, are used to provide evidence for the nature and significance of each of these skills. The implications of our observations for the development of eminent individuals are discussed.