Journal of Genius and Eminence


Journal of Genius and Eminence

ISSNs: Print 2334-1130; Online 2334-1149

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Journal of Genius and Eminence (JGE) is a scholarly, peer-reviewed periodical focused on the most exceptional human talents, the influences on and results of those talents, and contexts in which they develop and flourish. JGE welcomes historical, psychological, sociological, and neurological articles. The approach is interdisciplinary and may include perspectives not listed above. Historiometric studies are especially welcome. Case studies of geniuses and eminent individuals will be published, as long as they are well-connected to existing scholarship. Articles focused on the concepts of “genius” and “eminence” (rather than on particular geniuses) will certainly be considered, while entirely speculative papers are outside of the scope of this journal. JGE was published by ICSC Press from 2015-2018.


Mark A. Runco
Distinguished Research Fellow, American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology

Editorial Board

Selcuk Acar
International Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo State, State University of New York

Andrei Aleinikov
International Academy of Genius, Monterey, California

Giovanni E. Corazza
University of Bologna, Marconi Institute for Creativity, Bologna, Italy

James C. Kaufman
University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut

Arthur I. Miller
University College, London, England

Robert Root-Bernstein
Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

Dean Keith Simonton
University of California, Davis

Harriet Zuckerman
Senior Vice President, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Professor Emerita, Columbia University