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Business Creativity and the Creative Economy

Volume 1 – July 2015

ISSNs: Print 2374-1414; Online 2374-1422


Inaugural Editorial
Mark A. Runco

Creativity will Stop You from Being Promoted, Right? Wrong! A Comparison of Creative Thinking Preferences Across Organizational Levels
Gerard J. Puccio and Selcuk Acar

Speed of Processing and Creativity in the Digital Age
Bruno Campello de Souza and João Francisco Lins Brayner Rangel, Júnior

I Can Do It! The Effect of Belief in Stable Luck on Employee Creativity
Ning Chen, Kevin J. Roth, and Janeil E. Todhunter

Cultural Entrepreneurship: How are Intentions to be a Cultural Entrepreneur Formed?
Aparna Katre

Proactivity and Motivation in Solving Work Problems: A Test of Methodology
Laura C. Kirby and Ben J. Searle

Department Chairs as Leaders: A Model of Social Intelligence and Creative Performance in a State University
M. Afzalur Rahim, Ismail Civelek, and Feng Helen Liang

Individual Values, Psychological Contracts, and Innovative Work Behavior: A Comparison Between Employees from Israel and India
Aaron Cohen and Sari Erlich

The More Religiosity, the Less Creativity Across US Counties
Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn

The Creativity of People in Different Work Sectors
Adrian Furnham and John Crump