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Journal of Genius and Eminence

Volume 2, Issue 2: Winter 2017
Joseph Campbell Special Edition

Journal of Genius and Eminence

Volume 2, Issue 2: Winter 2017

ISSNs: Print 2334-1130; Online 2334-1149


Pathways to the Hero’s Journey: A Tribute to Joseph Campbell and the 30th Anniversary of His Death
Stephan Sonnenburg & Mark A. Runco

Joseph Campbell Goes to the Movies: The Influence of the Hero’s Journey in Film Narrative
Christopher Vogler

The Hero with a Thousand Facebooks: Mythology in Between the Fall of Humanism and the Rise of Big-Data Religion
Roberto Ranieri

Heroic Intelligence: The Hero’s Journey as an Evolutionary and Existential Blueprint
Olivia Efthimiou & Zeno E. Franco

From Monomyth to Interdisciplinary Creative Polymathy
Frédéric Darbellay

Darwin & Kubrick, Joe Campbell & Me: Eminent-Genius and Everyday-Joe Heroes on a Journey
Joe T. Velikovsky

The Hero’s Journey: A Creative Act
Clive Williams

From Orphan to Sage: The Hero’s Journey as an Assessment Tool for Hip Hop Songs Created in Music Therapy
Michael Viega

Music Education’s Hero Collective: More like the Justice League than Superman
Clint Randles

Joseph’s Journey: Uncovering Israel’s Unconscious
Raj Balkaran

From Zero to Hero: A Narrative Amplification of Design Thinking
Stephan Sonnenburg

Adventurers and Lovers: Organizational Heroines and Heroes for a New Time
Monika Kostera

Heroic Organizations and Institutions as Secular Temples: A Personal Outlook
Carol S. Pearson