DOI: 10.18536/bcce.2018.

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Analysis of Conditions for Creativity in the Workplace: Validation of Measures in Brazil and Portugal

Maria de Fátima Bruno-Faria
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Heila Magali da Silva Veiga
Federal University of Uberlândia

Luciano Castro de Carvalho
Blumenau Regional University

Isabel Torres & Ana Meireles
Lusíada Norte University

Bruno-Faria, M. F., Veiga, H. M. S., Carvalho, L. C., Torres, I., & Meireles, A. (2018). Analysis of Conditions for Creativity in the Workplace: Validation of Measures in Brazil and Portugal. Business Creativity and the Creative Economy, 4, 8-18. https://doi.org/10.18536/bcce.2018.


In order to test two measures targeting the conditions for workplace creativity 811 professionals in Brazil and in Portugal were sampled and completed the measures. Both favorable (physical environment; climate among coworkers; freedom to act; challenging activities; organizational strategies and actions; leadership support) and unfavorable (workload pressure; inadequate leadership; communication problems and rigidity of rules) conditions to creativity were considered. The fit and comparison indexes of the models, represented by the Goodness- of-Fit Index (GFI and AGFI), Tucker-Lewis Index (TLI) and Comparative Fit Index (CFI) and the Parsimony-Adjusted Index were considered. Results suggest that the structural models show a good fit for the Brazilian data, but there were cultural differences, since the value of the loadings and the coefficient of determination of each factor are larger than those presented by the Portuguese data.