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Diverge/Converge Cards

When facilitating Creative Problem Solving, participants need to keep the guidelines for divergent and convergent thinking in mind. Many facilitators create posters with the guidelines on them, but posters are an imperfect solution for several reasons.

First, posters can be cumbersome to carry. Second, it’s often difficult to find a place to hang the posters where everyone can see them. Third, hanging two posters means that divergent guidelines are visible when converging and vice versa, which can prevent parrticipants from focusing on the right guidelines at the right time. And fourth, the posters are not of much help to the participants when they leave the session and use CPS techniques on their own. 

ICSC Press’s D/C cards solve all those problems.


First, they’re a cinch to carry (even without our excellent carrying cases). Second, each participant gets his or her own card, which places the guidelines right in front of each person. Third, the cards are two sided: divergent thinking on one side, convergent thinking on the other. If you ask your participants to flip the cards before you use a divergent or convergent tool, they’ll always see the correct guidelines — and only those guidelines. And fourth, they’re inexpensive yet durable (and nice to the touch), which means you can provide one for each person to take with them when they leave.


Designed for CPS facilitators by CPS facilitators (ICSC graduates Kristin Fields and Paul Reali), our D/C cards take the place of posters once and for all.

COST: $1.00 per card for 25, 75 cents per card for 50, or 50 cents per card for 100+, plus shipping. Nice plastic carrying cases are $15 and hold 25 cards.

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