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Journal of Genius and Eminence

Volume 2, Issue 1: Spring 2017

ISSNs: Print 2334-1130; Online 2334-1149


John Snow and the Waterborne Spread of Cholera: A Case Study of Scientific Creativity
Kevin McCaffery and Robert Weisberg

Eminent Female Psychologists in Family Context: Historical Trends for 80 Women Born 1847-1950
Dean Keith Simonton

Idea Density and the Creativity of Written Works
Mark A. Runco, Burak Turkman, Selcuk Acar, and Mustafa V. Nural

Creative Productivity and Marriage Markets: Mating Effort and Career Striving as Rival Hypotheses
Nigel Barber

Marketing Imagination: A Qualitative Inquiry
Kai-Hung Liao, Chao-Tung Liang, Wen-Shan Chang, and Chaoyun Liang

On the History of Heuristic
Peter Merrotsy

Influence of Skill Level, Experience, Hours of Training, and Other Sport Participation on the Creativity of Elite Athletes
Véronique Richard, Ahmed Mohamed Abdulla, and Mark A. Runco

Children Above 180 IQ Stanford-Binet: A Seventy-Five Year Follow-Up
Clifton J. Wigtil and Willard L. White