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Journal of Genius and Eminence


Volume 1 Issue 1 – Winter 2016

ISSNs: Print 2334-1130; Online 2334-1149


Inaugural Editorial
Mark A. Runco

Scientific Genius in Islamic Civilization: Quantified Time Series from Qualitative Historical Narratives
Dean Keith Simonton

Assessing Psychological Complexity in Highly Creative Persons: The Case of Jazz Pianist and Composer Oscar Peterson
Gary Gute, Deanne Gute, and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Toward a Geography of Scientific Discovery: Economic Implications of Understanding Where U. S. Nobel Laureates and National Academy of Sciences Members Get Trained
Robert Root-Bernstein and Kendell Pawelec

Assessing Eminence in the Lyrics of The Temple: Quantifying George Herbert’s Lightning Strikes
Jeffrey P. Beck, Donald R. Marks, and Jillian Plescia

Changes in Reputation and Associations with Fame and Biographical Data
Mark A. Runco, Selcuk Acar, James C. Kaufman, and Lindsay R. Halladay

High-Level Creativity for Nonprofit and For-profit Organizations: Inspiration or Perspiration
Leslie A. Hennessy

Nothing But Time: Bergson’s Duration, Systems Theory, and Musical Creativity
Matthew Bannister

Creativity and Confucius
Charlene Tan

Research Note: The Personality and Creative Potential of Eminent Spanish Chefs
Ana Colomer Sanchez and Ivan Herrera-Peco