Creativity Rising: Figures

Figures from the book “Creativity Rising”

Use the links below to view or download the tables and figures from Creativity Rising: Creative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving in the 21st Century, published by ICSC Press.

Figure 1. Types of Problems

Figure 2. P21 Skills

Figure 3. What Makes a Product Creative?

Figure 4. Creative Change Model

Figure 5. Bloom’s Taxonomy, Original and Updated

Figure 6. Dynamic Balance of Divergence and Convergence in Creative Thinking

Figure 7. Premature Criticisms

Figure 8. Creative Problem Solving: The Thinking Skills Model

Figure 9. CPS Process Practice

Figure 10. Solution Statement and Action Plan

Figure 11. Webbing Example

Figure 12. PPCo Example

Figure 13. How-How Diagram

Figure 14. If-Then Process Analysis

Table 1. Overview of the CPS Process Steps

Creativity Rising: Figures & Tables