Big Questions 2018


Big Questions in Creativity 2018 

Edited by Kristin Fields, Cynthia Burnett, & Marie Mance

Each year, students in the Master of Science program at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State ask and examine a big question in creativity. Since 2013, ICSC Press has had the privilege to publish the best of these papers, showcasing first works from the field of creativity’s newest thinkers. This volume, the sixth in the series, presents the year’s 10 best papers as selected by the editors, collected into four themes: organizational creativity, creativity and education, creative process, and creativity and life circumstance.

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What’s in the Book?

Organizational Creativity

  • Ingrid De Clercq: How can creativity enhance self-managed organizations?
  • Pamela Z. H. Pauwels: Is female leadership the key to unlocking organizational creativity?
  • Alice F. Jacobs: Why do nonprofits need creativity and how might creativity differ in nonprofit organizations?

Creativity & Education

  • Sara Smith: How might educators rethink the relationship between learning and creativity?
  • Nicole Colter: Is self-directed education the answer to the creativity crisis?

Creative Process

  • Brian Kalina: How might emergent thinking bridge the gap between divergent and convergent thinking throughout the Creative Problem Solving process?
  • Anneke Veenendaal-de Kort: What does it take to tolerate ambiguity? A Search into love, happiness, and balance.

Creativity & Life Circumstance

  • Danielle Myers: What impact does multiple sclerosis have on the ability to engage in creativity?
  • Emilie Kenneally: Can creativity help children in foster care transition from surviving to thriving?
  • Cher Ravenell: Are individuals in poverty more creative?

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