Big Questions 2013


What’s in the Book?

Society and Creativity

  • Mary Kay Culpepper: What’s Next for Creativity?

  • Irina Mishina: What is Creative Economy?

Organizational Creativity

  • Sarah Thurber: How Can Organizations Tap Creativity to Tackle Change?

  • Ginny Santos: What is the Role of Emotional Intelligence in Creative Change Leadership?

  • Amy Frazier: What are the Natural Relationships Between Creativity and Leadership?

  • Vicci S. Recckio: Who Are The Millennials and How Will Learning About This Group Benefit Creativity Trainers and Facilitators?

Individual Creativity

  • Robert H. Frantz: Can Creative Problem Solving be Combined with Rhetoric for Improved Persuasion?

  • Catherine Tillman: What Activities, Exercises, and Habits Enhance Personal Creativity?

Education & Creativity

  • Ted Mallwitz: How Might Creative Problem Solving Combat Bullying?

  • Lee Anne White: What is the Role of Creativity in Talent Development? 

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Creativity Rising:
Creative Thinking & Creative Problem Solving in the 21st Century

Gerard J. Puccio, Ph.D.
Marie Mance, M.S., M.Ed.
Laura Barbero Switalski, M.S.
Paul D. Reali, M.S., M.B.A.

© 2012 ICSC Press
148 Pages
Available in paperback and electronic formats

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Biq Questions in Creativity 2013

To celebrate the new year, ICSC Press is now making the ebook versions of Big Questions in Creativity 2013: A Volume of First Works, Volume 1 available for just 99 cents.

About the book: Creativity—multi-layered, multi-faceted, multi-variate—naturally raises many questions from those who seek to understand it. At the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State, home of the world’s first Master’s of Science in Creativity, the field’s newest thinkers explore some of the newest questions. Big Questions in Creativity 2013 collects the year’s best papers from the M.S. program’s graduate students, and presents them here for anyone interested in taking a deep dive into current thinking in creativity.

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