About ICSC Press

ICSC Press is the imprint of the International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) at SUNY Buffalo State. 

ICSC’s mission is to ignite creativity around the world. We do this through many means, including the world’s only M.S. in Creativity, our annual Creativity Expert Exchange conference, and ICSC Press. To learn more about the Center, visit us on the web.

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Information for Journal Authors 

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About ICSC Press’s Journals

Business Creativity and the Creative Economy (BCCE) is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal that explores the enormous role creativity plays in business and in the current world economy. BCCE will publish articles exploring each of these topics (business creativity or the creative economy) singularly and as they relate to one another. After all, business feeds the economy, especially when it is innovative, and innovation requires creativity. BCCE will also publish scholarly research on innovation, invention, entrepreneurship, and discovery as they relate to business, organizational innovation, or the economy.

Journal of Genius and Eminence (JGE) is a scholarly, peer-reviewed periodical focused on the most exceptional human talents, the influences on and results of those talents, and contexts in which they develop and flourish. JGE welcomes historical, psychological, sociological, and neurological articles. The approach is interdisciplinary and may include perspectives not listed above. Historiometric studies are especially welcome. Case studies of geniuses and eminent individuals will be published, as long as they are well-connected to existing scholarship. Articles focused on the concepts of “genius” and “eminence” (rather than on particular geniuses) will certainly be considered, while entirely speculative papers are outside of the scope of this journal.

Publication Schedules

BCCE was published as two single-issue volumes in 2015 and 2016, and is now published twice per year (Summer and Winter). JGE was published as a single-issue volume in 2016, and is now published twice per year (Spring and Fall). 


The editor of both journals is Dr. Mark A. Runco, Distinguished Research Fellow, American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology.


Articles may be submitted to Dr. Runco here: journals (at) Requirements: a) fully edited and copyedited; b) in Word .doc or .docx format; c) strict APA format; d) tables in Word table format (not tabbed tables); e) figures in separate, graphic-format files (e.g., .jpg, .tif, .png, gif, etc.). Papers that are accepted for publication but do not meet these requirements will be returned for edit and resubmission. Pre-submission questions may be made to Dr. Runco at the same address.

Production and Publication Questions

Production and publication questions should be addressed to Paul Reali, Managing Editor, here: editor (at)

Article Copies for Authors

Current authors may request distributable PDF copies of their articles free of charge. Email editor (at)