My Sandwich is a Spaceship:
Creative Thinking for Parents & Young Children

By Cyndi Burnett & Michaelene Dawson-Globus

If you have ever spent time watching your children, you might think they are highly creative already. They sing, dance, talk to imaginary friends, and invent the most wonderful excuses for why they don't have to go to bed. But creativity is much more than that.

Creativity is the highest form of thinking. Creative thinking is a way of seeing the world, a way of solving problems, a way of thriving in an environment that is constantly changing.

My Sandwich is a Spaceship is about teaching your child 10 creative thinking skills essential for being successful, no matter what he or she chooses to do in the future. These skills can, and should, last a lifetime, and you can help your child to learn them and use them, starting today.

Sandwich is ideal for parents of children ages 1-7.

About the Authors

Creativity teachers and researchers (and moms) Cyndi Burnett and Michaelene Dawson-Globus fuse their passions in My Sandwich is a Spaceship: Creativity for Parents & Young Children. The authors say: "This book is about two of our favorite topics: creativity and children. We have written it because we believe it is never too soon to start teaching kids how to use their creativity."

Dr. Cyndi Burnett is an Assistant Professor at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater, a Master of Science in Creativity, and a Doctorate of Education in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. She focuses her work on the use of creative models and techniques with children. Cyndi is passionate about working with educators to bring creative thinking into the classroom, and working with her family to bring creative thinking into their home. When she's not teaching or writing, Cyndi enjoys cooking, singing show tunes, and having dance parties with her 5- and 7-year old kids, James and Emily. She is the co-editor of the Big Questions in Creativity book series, and co-author of the book Weaving Creativity into Every Strand of Your Curriculum.

Michaelene Dawson-Globus is an Adjunct Instructor at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State. She has a Master of Science in Creativity. Michaelene leads workshops, training classes, and facilitations on a variety of topics including: creative teaching and learning, creative problem solving, change leadership, diversity, and social empowerment. Michaelene is also a social justice facilitator for The National Federation for Just Communities of Western New York. Michaelene lives in Western NY with her husband Chris and her 8-year old Adventure Buddy, Sam.


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Title: My Sandwich is a Spaceship: Creative Thinking for Parents & Young Children
Authors: Cyndi Burnett & Michaelene Dawson-Globus
ISBN: 978-0-9849795-5-4
Format: Trade Paperback 6"x9"
Interior: Color
Pages: 214