Biq Questions in Creativity 2014

Edited by Mary Kay Culpepper & Cynthia Burnett

What is creativity? Can it be taught? How is it measured? What are the stakes for neglecting it? And what opportunities beckon for the people and organizations who dare to embrace it? At the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State, home of the world's first Master of Science degree in Creativity, scholars seek those answers every day. And in Big Questions in Creativity 2014, the field's newest thinkers tackle some of its most intriguing questions. As students and recent graduates of the program, they represent a variety of cultures, experiences, and backgrounds. Yet they are united in their energetic exploration of current issues in creativity and their passion for knowing more.

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What's in the Book?

Society and Creativity

  • Eva Teruzzi: Product measurement: How do I know it is creative?
  • Julia Figliotti: What is the correlation between mental health and creativity? 
  • Rumman Ahmad: Does culture affect creativity and innovation? An emic perspective from Pakistan 
  • Adela Vangelisti: What are the relationships between creativity and the choreographic process?

Organizational Creativity

  • José Pablo Alcázar Zamacona: Should creativity be a strategic tool for 21st century organizations? 
  • Linda Salna: Why is creative thinking important now?

Individual Creativity

  • Mariano Tosso: How to unlock the potential of your insight? 
  • Darlene Kent: Fail UP: How might we embrace failure?

Education & Creativity

  • Dee Langsenkamp: How might creativity enhance the future of gifted and talented education?